October 15, 2011

More TV speechwriting tips

Here's one way to write a speech (or in this case, "speach").

On this week's episode of "Up All Night," talk show mogul Ava asks assistant Missy to write her speech for an upcoming event. First, she suggests words to avoid: "moist, ointment, nubbin, vigorous, vigorish(?) and 'at the end of the day.'"

After briefly running through some ideas, she says to Missy, "So basically, the speech should go: laughter, tears, poignancy, tears, laughter, light laughter, slight tears, laughter into tears, and out. How's that sound?"

Reminds me of another brilliant TV speechwriter: Jean-Ralphio.

Ava and Missy clip from "Up All Night" - runs from 11:43-12:35:

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