April 28, 2009

Join us for PresentationCampLA in June!

PresentationCampLA is a grassroots, self-organized event where participants meet on a Saturday morning, decide what they would like to learn and who would like to teach, then we collaboratively set up the agenda and have a full day of learning.

We call this a "PresentationCamp" because the event is part of the "BarCamp" movement - an "un-conference" event where there is no formal organizer or sponsor, no pre-planned agenda, and no pre-set presentations - we all decide together on the day of the event what we will do and how we do it. Participants pay a nominal fee of $10 to cover some of the expenses, but otherwise everyone participates as a volunteer, co-leader, co-presenter and co-learner.

Do you have a topic you'd like to speak on? Do you want to learn something new about public speaking? The emphasis is on short, interactive, hands-on workshops rather than lecture. We'd love to have you! And please spread the word!

Read more about PresentationCampLA here.

Register here.

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