October 15, 2006

Singing in the car

I found a new blog this morning (new to me, that is) called "Public Speaking Sucker: Sucking the Suckiness out of Public Speaking." Now how's that for a great blog name?

Ross Bowring talks about using the car as a public speaking safe haven, a place where you can practice without being disturbed - and fellow drivers will just think you're talking on the phone!

This reminded me of my favorite way to warm up before a presentation: singing in the car! I don't always have someone to talk to before I go off to a gig, since I work from home, and my voice can be a little creaky. I find that singing to my favorite songs in the car warms up my voice, relaxes me, and gives me some positive energy.

Now, I can't say that other drivers don't think I'm a little nuts, but singing to myself in the car is fun even if I'm not warming up my voice. So there you go.

Give it a try!

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