November 8, 2006

What's the difference between a road and a street?

While poking around at today (seriously, reading the dictionary has always been one of my favorite pastimes), I found this great reference list of "differences."

Is it keeping you up at night wondering what the difference is between empathy and sympathy? Have you argued with someone about the difference between chili and chile? Do you find yourself uncertain of the proper usage of effect and affect? This page is for you. The only thing missing is the difference between a hill and a mountain!

The difference between a road and a street?

"A road usually runs between two more distant points, such as between two towns. A street is described as being a paved road or highway - in a city, town, or village, especially one lined with houses, shops, or other buildings. The implication is that if a street does not have these things, it will probably be called a road. When a town expands, sometimes what was formerly a road will become a street. The word road is the more general term, though, and can be applied to a street. Street is the narrower term."

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Anonymous said...

Okay call me a word nerd but I am going right over to check out that link. I love your blog!

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