December 6, 2006

Latest jargon I hate. . .


I can't turn a page, listen to a teleclass or click a web link without coming across this word.

Here is the definition:

1. to legalize as money.
2. to coin into money: to monetize gold.
3. to give the character of money to.
4. Economics. to convert (a debt, esp. the national debt) into currency, esp. by issuing government securities or notes.

Here is how it's being used: "to make money." As in, "monetize your blog!" (make money from your blog). Or "monetize your business!" - wait, isn't that the point of business? Do I really need to be told that I should monetize my business?

Is this word a necessary addition to the English language? Is it a word that adds value (arggh, more jargon I hate) to your message?

To me, it's like saying "utilize" when you can just say "use."

And as a public speaker you absolutely need to talk to your audience in clear, concise, plain language). You don't know if they've heard the word "monetize," but you can be pretty sure that they know what it means to "make money."

Like mom always said, "Think before you speak" (not that I listened). I'm going to keep harping on jargon (and its antithesis - oops, I mean its "opposite" - plain language) until I get my message across.

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