December 29, 2006

SpeakerNet News

I want to let you all know about one of my favorite newsletters regarding public speaking. First of all, I subscribe to 20+ newsletters and 80 blog feeds. Some are helpful some of the time; some seem to get published on a whim, and I'm lucky to read them every couple of months. Some, well, I'm still wondering when I'm going to get any benefits out of subscribing.

SpeakerNet News, however, is packed full of useful information for speakers. It's organized in tip "categories," such as technology or travel. The tips are submitted by the readers themselves, so I know I'm getting information straight from the people who've been there and had the actual experience.

Also, you can submit requests for information. Readers will respond with suggestions or advice, and when a significant number of responses has been recorded, SpeakerNet News will publish a compilation to their site, so you can always go there and search. I submitted a request for information on remote presentation devices, and now there's a compilation on the site actually updated from a previous request.

There are sections on sales and marketing; giving better presentations; running your business; creating books and products; technology; media; and travel.

This is one of the most practical resources I've found to help me build my business and skills as a speaker and I highly recommend the site and the newsletter. It's also free - the editors only request that readers submit two tips per quarter. So what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

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