February 16, 2007

My clients are so creative!

Have I told you how great my clients are? I get to work with some of the most creative, interesting people. They inspire me every day.

I just finished working with Tony, who was kind enough to give me a plug on his blog, and I will return the favor.

Tony is a pastor who uses video and PowerPoint to enhance his sermons. He has a great sense of humor that comes across in his words and in his visuals.

I would love to see more people really enjoy giving their presentations - really enjoy interacting with and building a relationship with their audience. Tony does this through humor and humility, and I imagine his congregation feels very connected with him because of his efforts. Tony was a "distance" client, so I reviewed his videotapes and PowerPoints and commmunicated with him by e-mail. He gives a pretty good overview of the process in this post.

A local client, Angela, is a therapist working on a conference presentation on treatment of eating disorders. She has a fabulous and fun idea for props to get the crowd engaged from the first second. I don't want to say too much, because when her presentation is complete, I hope to tell you the full details with pictures. We're still working it all out!

Angela believes in making her presentations fun and engaging - the fact that she speaks on a serious and life-threatening disorder doesn't change the fact that she needs to grab her audience's attention and keep it, as well as share her message of underlying causes and innovative treatment options.

I'm looking forward to sharing more client stories, so stay tuned!

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