March 16, 2007

People are reading, bloggers

I think many bloggers who are just starting out get the feeling that they're talking to themselves at times. They may feel less inspired to post if they feel no one is paying attention.

On those days when the comments and conversation are flowing, it's a beautiful feeling. But during those stretches when there are no comments and no new subscribers, sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading.

Well, I received the loveliest e-mail yesterday from Paul Ambrose that reminded me of why I love to write, and why I shouldn't worry if there are no comments for a few days.

"Hi Lisa,

I checked out your blog because of a comment you left on Scott Ginsberg's blog.

I read quite a bit of it. I followed some of the links. I found your site intelligent, entertaining and fresh. It felt like a good use of my time. I wish more blogs were of that caliber. Keep up the good work."

I'm sure many of us read and enjoy blogs and never leave a comment or send an e-mail to the blogger. But that doesn't mean we're not engaged. It just means that, for whatever reason, we choose to keep our thoughts to ourselves.

This note from Paul reminds me that I need to get out there and communicate more with the bloggers whose content I enjoy reading. And it reminded me that, just because I may not hear from my readers every day, I am providing content that is valuable and worth someone's time - and that I should keep it up!

Thanks, Paul!

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