March 22, 2007

What's in it for them?

I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately, and in a lot of different places, but not yet on this here blog.

Today, I had two separate people ask me, basically, "is it okay if I just do this?" One wanted to know if she absolutely had to make an effort to project her voice when speaking, because it doesn't feel natural. Another said she likes to fly by the seat of her pants and "be herself."

Well, if you've been reading my blog or website (for example, here and here), you know that I'm all about being yourself!

However, your primary responsibility is to meet the needs of your audience. If you can't be heard because your voice is too soft and you don't have a microphone, or if you fly by the seat of your pants and don't come prepared, you are shortchanging your audience, and no amount of "being yourself" will save the situation.

So I want to encourage you to continue sharing your true, authentic self with your audience, in all your quirky glory, but make sure their needs are being met first and foremost. Always ask yourself, "What's in it for them?" before you make any decision. If it's not serving the audience, don't do it.

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M Taher said...

Hi Lisa
Keep up the good work of converting the introverts.
I have a post on this very idea of conversion: Introvert and Looking for a Job - You are not alone
By the way, I have added a link in my blog's deep web (some call it blogroll)
Best wishes and lots of good luck, peace and health, Mohamed

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