April 14, 2007

Best presentation ever - my new favorite commercial

Have you seen this commercial?

At Mega Corp. Pizza, the big boss is asking, "How are we going to become more profitable?"

The presenter says, "People say our crusts taste like cardboard." (Poster behind him says: "CUSTOMER COMMENTS" and shows three comments referring to the cardboard-like crust.)

Next, he says, "Our delivery boxes are made of cardboard." (Poster behind him says "BOX" with a drawing of a pizza box, and below that, "CARDBOARD."

Next, he says, "Cardboard costs more than our crust." (Poster behind him says "COST" and "Cardboard > Crust".)

In conclusion, he says, "We could save thousands if we make our boxes out of our crust!" (Poster behind him says "SAVE" and "$".)

He picks up a pizza box made entirely of crust and takes a bite for emphasis.

The big boss exclaimes, "Genius!"

This presentation has everything: it's brief and concise, the visuals are simple and easy to follow, there's a beginning, middle and end in a sequence that culminates in a revolutionary solution, and the presenter uses a great prop!

If only every presentation were so effective!

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