May 8, 2007

We breathe every day. . .

I mentioned that I spent a couple of days in training last week. My husband is starting a business and the trainings had to do with his industry (I would tell you about it, but then I'd have to kill you).

I loved the attitude of one of my classmates, an older man from India, someone who is already an expert in one part of the industry, but who felt it was necessary to stay up to date on all aspects of it. He said, "We breathe every day, but we don't breathe properly." His way of saying that, even though he has worked in this industry for many years, he doesn't necessarily know everything there is to know. What a wise man!

Some speakers have been speaking for a long time and think they have nothing left to learn (as I mentioned in a previous post about politicians). But many seasoned speakers constantly work to improve, taking notes, videotaping themselves, and asking for feedback. This is how they progress from "good" to "great."

Do you breathe properly?

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