May 11, 2007

You don't have mail

I am really getting annoyed, but I'm not sure at whom or what to be annoyed.

My e-mails are not getting through to people. How do I know? Because a week or so after I send an e-mail to someone, I realize they haven't responded. Sometimes when I e-mail them again, they respond saying that they never received the first one - and no, it's not in their spam box. Sometimes when I e-mail again, they still don't receive the second e-mail. Sometimes people are just lazy about responding, and that's a whole other issue. Bottom line: where is my e-mail going? It's making me crazy.

So for all of you trying to e-mail me and thinking I'm not responding (believe me, unless you're a psycho spammer, I'm going to reply to you and it's not going to take a week - I'm just that way), here are some workarounds.

Meebo: Go to the little Meebo window on the right-hand side of this blog, and if it shows that I'm online, talk to me!

Yahoo IM: I'm ellebstyle. Send me a chat message.

Skype: I'm lisa.braithwaite. Send me a chat message (preferable to a call).

Something will work, and we will eventually communicate! Keep trying, folks, and I'll try to solve this problem on my end.

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