June 27, 2007

Ooops. . . sorry about the repeats

Some of you might find a bunch of re-published posts in your readers, and here's why. I'm a big dork.

I write a lot of my posts in advance and save them as drafts. When I publish the post on a different day than the day I saved it, then I have to go back and delete the original draft. When I delete the draft, I'm asked if I want to save the image that goes with it. I thought the checkmark in the box meant I wanted to SAVE the image, not DELETE the image.

So for the past couple of months, every time I deleted a draft, I also deleted the image that went with the post. And a few days later, the image would no longer be associated with the published post. I was really scratching my head about this, trying to figure out why my images were disappearing.


Now I know, and I went back this morning and tried to remember which images went with which posts and reloaded them all! I will pay more attention in the future when deleting my drafts.

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