June 4, 2007

Presentation tools - what do you take with you?

Here's what's in my "bag of tricks":

Scented markers: smell good, strong colors, never dry out!

Table top easel pad: Hangs on an easel or folds out to stand alone on a table. Sheets are sticky on the back so you can hang them on the wall with no tape. Staples now has their own (less-expensive) version of this.

Presentation remote for PowerPoint (and extra batteries): Keeps me from having to stand next to the computer. Some presentation remotes can be programmed to vibrate when you're close to the end of your talk. . .

Digital voice recorder: Record while speaking, save on computer, listen to evaluate - if it's a good talk, upload the audio to my site! Sometimes I bring my camcorder and videotape myself, if the presentation isn't already being taped.

Travel clock Countdown timer: I don't wear a watch, but even if I did, it would seem rude to keep looking at my watch to check the time. The travel clock stands up unobtrusively to the side and I always know how much time I have left.

Toys and/or candy, depending on the venue

Presentation notes

Backup copy of my PowerPoint (if using) on CD or thumb drive

Handouts, mailing list signup sheet, business cards, extra pens

What's in your bag of tricks?

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Unknown said...

Lisa. Great post. Thought I would add a couple other things.
1. Breath mints. Right after speaking, I am always immediately engaged by people.
2. Bottle of water.
3. Pen. Might need to right someone's name and address or something right afterwards.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Great list, Tony, especially the mints. I did mention extra pens, because I find that when I leave a pen or two sitting by my mailing list, they will inevitably disappear. Then what will I use to sign autographs? :-)

And of course, how could I forget to mention water? I always have water right onstage next to me. Critical!

Rowan Manahan said...

Good list Lisa,

It doesn't seem so long ago that I used to bring gloves, in case I had to swap out a dead OHP bulb - those suckers were hot!

1. I tend to bring my own plug-board, as many extension leads don't have multiple power sockets on them.

2. I also bring a spare, charged, battery for my laptop, just in case.

3. I always provide my own microphone, as quality varies so widely from venue to venue.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks for the additions, Rowan. I don't have my own mic yet, but I can see the benefit. Even when I'm told I don't have to bring my own laptop or backup disks, etc., I do anyway! You just never know.

Harmonia said...

Thanks for the links! I will check them out!!!

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