July 29, 2007

How do i start loving life . . .

. . . and being confident about speaking?

This is a search string that someone used to find my website. And yes, loving life and loving what you're talking about is a good start to becoming a more confident speaker.

It's pretty hard to fake it. Have you ever watched a speaker who was clearly bored and uninterested in her/his own presentation? Or worse, a speaker who is over-the-top excited to the point of being stagey and artificial? I will agree that there are people out there who are unable to express themselves effectively and may really enjoy what they're doing. But those other speakers - well, we've all been subjected to them.

Even if you're forced to give presentations as part of your job, and you have no choice (which I will also debate, because everyone has a choice to do or not to do something, even if it means getting a job you like better), you still owe it to your audience to engage them and give them something of value for their valuable time they're spending listening to you. (Was that the longest run-on sentence ever?)

I hope my visitor above starts loving life and loving public speaking. I'm sending out some positive energy right now.

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