July 3, 2007

I won the June photo contest at the Lemonade Stand!

Each month Kim and Jason hold a photo contest with a different theme. The theme for June was "Sand."

I submitted a photo of a beach tug-of-war competition between volunteers of my former nonprofit. I guess it was a good thing I wasn't in the tug-of-war, or I never would have gotten this great shot!

I won a gift certificate to the store (and my photo on the store homepage for the month of July), and I'm embarrassed to say that I find myself searching the store for something practical and useful - something I "need" rather than something just for fun. Isn't that pathetic? And a little ironic, considering I'm shopping with the "Escape Adulthood" people?

On The Everything Page you'll find everything you need to build visibility, credibility and influence through engaging presentations that move your participants into action: freebies, low-cost products and courses, and 1:1 coaching!

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