September 20, 2007

Books for trade

If you're looking for books on public speaking, coaching, consulting, marketing or any other aspect of your business (or if you're just looking for a trashy novel to read on the plane), I recently found a goldmine of books that can be had for the price of first-class postage.

On (not just paperbacks, by the way), you upload your own books for trade and enter into the system the ones you want in return. If they're available, and you have credits (one credit per book to trade, and you get a limited amount of free credits when you upload your first batch of books), the members with the books put them into the mail and they're yours!

If the books aren't available, you can enter them into your wish list. If you've set up your wish list to automatically respond when your book becomes available, like I have, the member who has it is automatically notified.

I hope I'm not making this sound complicated, because it's REALLY EASY. I've gotten several good books there, and have about 30 on my wish list. You can also see where you are in the queue for any particular book (for example, I'm 3rd in line out of 32 people for "The Omnivore's Dilemma").

Click on the banner at the top of this post to check it out and if you sign up, I'll get some book credits! Or if you sign up another way, use my e-mail address when asked who referred you: lbraith *at* gte *dot* net.

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