September 10, 2007

Seth Godin on public speaking

I was reading an interview with Seth Godin today and in it, he talked about the the differences between a book, consulting, and public speaking in creating change. Here are some excerpts:

"When I started doing what I do now, I asked myself, 'If I am going to make change, how am I going to do it?'

There's a whole spectrum of ways you can do that. A book reaches lots of people, but changes only a small percentage of people who actually read it."

". . .If you are a consultant…at least with the tools available to me, I don't know how to change an organization by doing consulting. There's too much implementation challenge if you're just an individual.

Then there's the public speaking. What's interesting about public speaking is that there are people who will never be moved by a book who can be moved by 50 minutes of someone jumping up and down in front of them on a podium.

From a personal point of view, the fact that I am 100% on duty for an hour and then completely done allows me to give everything I have, and then not have to worry about the chance that I am going to be overwhelmed for months afterwards.

The combination of writing books that people can share with their friends, and then 30 or 40 or 50 times a year standing in front of a group of people and adding some color to those ideas, seems like the perfect mix for me."

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