September 1, 2007

These are a few of my favorite posts. . .

I thought it might be useful for people who are newer to Speak Schmeak for me to list some of my favorite posts since I started the blog. These 22 posts also link to additional posts by me and other bloggers. Have a great long weekend!

"A" is a letter

Lose the jargon

A lectern is not a podium


Playing it safe. . . or being who you are?

Starting and arriving on time

Me and him, him and I

Introducing yourself

Do you thank your audience?

What's in it for them?

Cool as a cucumber, or sweaty as a racehorse?

Why you need to get real world experience

Grab 'em with enthusiasm, not perfection

Overcoming obstacles as a speaker

When speaking is exhausting

Don't forget the nosebleeds

Get grounded

What I've learned from Kathy Griffin

Public speaking: fear vs. phobia

Are you too hard on yourself?

Play for the people (Dick Dale)

The truth about 7% - 38% - 55%

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