November 29, 2007

Are you lifting too much weight?

I go to a gym on the campus of our local community college. There are lots of young, inexperienced guys in the weight room, lifting heavy weights with poor form.

Why do they do it? Why do these guys all have too much weight in their hands? So much so that they are unable to lift it without cheating?

Is it because no one has taught them proper techniques? Is it because they know proper techniques but are so concerned with impressing each other (and the young women also working out) that they ignore the safe way to lift?

I see a lot of speakers who are lifting too much weight. They are so busy trying to impress the audience with how clever they are and how much knowledge they're carrying around that they forget to have a conversation with their participants. They forget that speaking is about building relationships with the audience members, not bombarding them with information.

When you stop trying to impress your audience and start being there for them and meeting their needs, that's when you start to build your speaking muscles.

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