December 28, 2007

Just like a kid

Christmas Eve, hubby and I were late arriving at his parents' house for dinner, and everyone was already eating. Space at the table was tight, so I sat at the kids' table with six of my husband's nieces and nephews, ranging in age from 11 to 17.

A few minutes into the conversation, the 11-year-old turned and said to me, "You're like a kid . . . no offense!"

I said that I could never be offended by such a great compliment!

He told me he didn't want to grow up and be boring, and I assured him that it's totally possible to grow up without being boring. He complained that his older brother makes fun of him because he still plays with toys and acts like a little kid, and I told him that he can be a kid his whole life if he wants to.

I also learned:

** one nephew considers himself popular because he's up front with people and says what's on his mind

** one niece sort of cares what people think about her, but still recently dumped all of her friends because they're using drugs

** another niece is not boy crazy and likes her high school but not the people

** our freshman nephew likes to hang out with his 7th-grade cousin's 8th-grade girlfriends because "they're hot."

I love the kids' table!

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5 comments. Please add yours! :

Unknown said...

Just wondering. Did that comment about your being like a kid come before or after you tried to hang a spoon on your nose?

franx said...

It's nice idea...If we can do and think like kid maybe we never have stress

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Tony, I believe it was when I turned my eyelids inside out and spurted soda through my nose.

Ugh, even writing that grossed me out.

Secret of Mind, I completely agree with you, and I honestly think that's why I rarely feel stressed. I'm optimistic and don't take myself too seriously.

Kim of Kim and Jason said...

This whole post is just music to my ears! I love it! Jason and I have also noticed a trend in the perspective you share with this age range... they don't want to turn into "boring" (Adultitis-ridden) adults.

That's so great that their Aunt Lisa can be an example of a "grown-up" who isn't a dull, stressed mess!!! You're "the cool" aunt!!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Not sure if I'm the "cool" aunt, but definitely the "kooky" aunt. ;-)

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