January 5, 2008

70 public speaking blogs agree . . .

. . . Andrew Dlugan gets major brownie points today!

He's published a listing of 70 blogs about public speaking:

"One is a world champion speaker; some speak professionally; others chronicle their first speaking steps. Many are authors - some more than once. Many are Toastmasters. Or were Toastmasters. Or recommend joining Toastmasters. Women and men. Young and old.

The only unanimous traits are (1) a passion for giving so that others may be educated and entertained, and (2) an RSS feed to enable easy subscriptions."

I can't imagine the time it took him to compile this list, divide it up into categories, and include representative posts from each blogger "to give a flavor of the blogger's style."

I don't know what flavor I am, but I'm apparently the heaviest poster on the entire list - something to be proud of - making me the "ideal blogger." Aww, Andrew. You shouldn't have. *blushing*

There are a lot of my favorite blogs on the list, plus a bunch I haven't read before, so I'm looking forward to exploring.

He's divided the list into categories:

General Public Speaking Blogs: 2-5 posts/week (that's where you'll find me)

General Public Speaking Blogs: 1-2 posts/week

General Public Speaking Blogs: Under 1 post/week

Speech Humor Blogs

Speechwriting Blogs

Visual Presentation Blogs

Professional Speaker Blogs

Toastmasters Blogs

Part-time Public Speaking Blogs

Andrew has made it super easy for you to subscribe to all of the blogs with two simple steps: download the OPML file at the bottom of the post, and then go to your feed reader and import the file.

An amazing variety of resources, this list. Check it out!

(You'll get brownie points too, by the way, if you know what the title of this blog post references. . .)

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, I've followed your blog for months and there is so much in it that mirrors my own approach to public speaking. Great to see you getting the recognition you deserve!

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