January 18, 2008

How accurate is your perception of yourself?

"I haven't seen myself rock out yet, but I hear I'm pretty intense." ~ Kyle Reinneck, American Idol contestant

The judges didn't agree; in fact, they found him a little scary - not the "intense" vibe he was going for. He seemed genuinely shocked when they said his audition was "demonic" and disturbing, and his eyes were "menacing."

He actually seemed like a sweet young guy, not demonic at all - a camp counselor who brought along a poster with pictures of his first and second graders.

Do you think Kyle might have presented a different audition if he had videotaped himself and analyzed his performance? Might he have been more aware of his actual persona when performing?

Another reason to record yourself, peeps.

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Anonymous said...

I've done the video thing several times during my horseback riding days. You really understand why the instructor says what she/he says when you see yourself.
It is amazing too that once you see yourself on video, the corrections are more easily made.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

One of my clients had a major breakthrough when he saw himself on video: he realized that 1) he wasn't as "bad" as he thought he'd be and 2) it was all fixable!

Until you see yourself on video, you really don't have a clear picture of how you're presenting yourself.

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