February 27, 2008

Women's Festivals

The Women's Festivals will celebrate the accomplishments and nurture the dreams of women in an interactive, multi-cultural, and multi-tracked format focusing on the five critical areas of women's lives: Personal, Professional, Philanthropic, Political, and Planet— otherwise known as the "5 Ps."

People from throughout the world will attend the California Women's Festival on March 7th - 9th at the Santa Barbara City College and Earl Warren Showground, and Arizona Women's Festival on March 14th - 16th at Red Rock Auditorium and the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village.

Both shows will include an Expo and Trade Show, Awards Program and educational and enlightening discussions led by world-renowned speakers and authors.

Here's info on the Arizona program, and here's info on the California program.

** I'll be hanging out at the "business, home and life-enhancing Expo" on Sunday, March 9, in Santa Barbara. I'll be offering mini-coaching sessions at the Women's Economic Ventures booth. Come see me!

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