April 11, 2008

Give extra value by using demonstrations

Just a quick reminder of how a demonstration or exercise can be helpful in getting your message across. . .

Yesterday at my referrals group meeting, chiropractor Ginny Milhoan brought out a model of the neck to show us what a healthy neck and a neck with structural damage look like from the inside. Then she called up a group member who is one of her patients, and she demonstrated her non-force technique for adjustments.

It was a visual and easy-to-understand demonstration that answered questions I had and demonstrated the vast difference between this technique and other chiropractic techniques.

Niels Johnson-Lameijer, a life coach, handed out one of his worksheets that he uses with his clients and gave us a few minutes to do the exercise. This was a great way to demonstrate how he works with clients and also allow us to experience a little bit of his coaching method.

Both presentations were ten minutes long, so if you're thinking to yourself that you don't have time to use demonstrations or exercises, think again!

Today, a speaker at another meeting had the audience do an exercise using a handout to develop their "elevator speech." After she had gone through all the steps and the forms were filled out, she called on three of her clients to demonstrate their "before" and "after" elevator speeches.

1) She taught the audience a new method of creating a speech

2) She had her clients demonstrate the effectiveness of the new speech over the old speech

3) She demonstrated her own skill as a coach by using her own successful clients as models!

Her talk was only 20 minutes long, but she managed to incorporate demonstration and exercises that informed the audience, clarified her points and gave real value.

When's the last time you used a demonstration in your presentation?

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