May 23, 2008

"101 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking" e-book

Note: I'm no longer using this service. My e-book is only available on my website.

I've just discovered a new self-publishing platform for digital downloads called, and it's so super easy that I've already uploaded some stuff!

You'll find all of my free handouts listed there eventually, but today I went crazy and uploaded an e-book called "101 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking." How's that for straightforward?

This e-book has been a bonus item that comes with my e-course, but I've added some more stuff and I'm selling it by itself. For just a couple of bucks you can get (what I'm calling) the ultimate public speaking "cheat-sheet!" Also, here's my profile page where you'll be able to find other downloads as I get them posted.

Check out the site and upload some of your own goodies. You can upload "books, music, videos, photos, spreadsheets, CG files, seminar packages, software… whatever!" Here's their blog.

This might just be the kick in the butt I need to get some more writing done. . .

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