May 22, 2008

Life as a constant audition

Even successful performers have insecurities:

"Since I've been a solo artist, I haven't often been in a state of mind where I was feeling light about what I was doing musically. For so many years now, I have felt like I've been auditioning for my job, or trying to get back an old audience, or making some statement. I wasn't thinking about what would be fun."

~ Glen Phillips, former Toad the Wet Sprocket singer/songwriter

"As a child, I felt that I didn't belong — I was auditioning. I kept going to different schools — I was auditioning. Most of my professional life, I've been auditioning. I think for a lot of us, life is an audition."

~ Barbara Walters, referring to the title of her autobiography, "Audition"

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Anonymous said...

What's great about this, Lisa, is that it forces the conscientious business owner to articulate what s/he does in a compelling way. All that 'auditioning' is great practice for what lands with your audience. The good news is, you can constantly tweak your message. When you see the lights going on, you know you've got it--whether it's your 30-second commercial or your one hour seminar.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

That's right, anon. Every audience is new, every presentation is a fresh start!

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