May 27, 2008

Pop-ups during presentations

Ellen Finkelstein has a great post on disabling the pop-ups on your computer before you give a PowerPoint presentation, as some of these little reminders might appear right in the middle of your talk.

I suggest going a step further and setting up a separate profile just for your speaking engagements.

When I take my laptop to a venue, I use a profile I've set up, called "Presentation," which has a link to my PowerPoint on the desktop and nothing else. There are a couple of program shortcuts I haven't figured out how to get rid of that show up on all of my profiles, but that still leaves me with only four icons on my desktop, instead of 30+ on my regular profile.

Also, my IM login, my Skype login, and other programs that automatically load on startup in my regular profile are not there. This resolves part of the issue in Ellen's post about programs popping up or someone sending me an IM in the middle of a talk!

The profile loads faster, and there's no need to dig around looking for the presentation; it's the only file on the desktop.

Check out Ellen's post for the how-to on keeping those pop-ups down.

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Anonymous said...

So simple, yet so brilliant. I suppose the trick is to place the files where they are accessible by all your profiles. I do a lot of storage on my desktop for files I'm going to use immediately. However, a few tweaks here and there to my processes should take care of that issue.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Yeah, I'm still tweaking this process, but it's so nice and clean that it's worth it to have a few straggler files around.

Anonymous said...


Good point.

It is always important to close any IM as well Outlook and any other program that might pop-up during presentations. Making your own profile just for presentations seems like a simple solution to this problem.

This would also alleviate a problem I sometimes find when I am watching presentations, which I'm sure most people have experienced. There is a prestigious speaker about to give a powerpoint presentation. However, before he or she can load it up, they must troll through their computer to find the presentation, all the while the projector in the room shows all their personal files , inappropriate files, and obscure and weird desktop background to the audience. By the time the presenter has the powerpoint online, the audience has already started to form an impression about the speaker.

Using a profile just for this purpose will alleviate this problem.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

That's so true, Terry. We don't want to give the wrong impression before we even open our mouths!

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