June 9, 2008

Fire update

Thanks everyone for your comments and e-mails. We're doing very well. Here's the original house fire post for reference.

My small burn is healing up nicely, and Bub's burns (which are more extensive than mine and included "partial thickness" burns as well) are still being treated and are improving. They pulled off all the dead skin today from his blisters. Ewww.

We learned that there is new terminology for burns: they are now called "superficial," "partial thickness" or "full thickness" instead of first, second or third degree.

One thing I didn't mention yesterday is that the reason there were rusty items under the sink is that there was a plumbing leak. A damp cabinet is a perfect environment for a metal can to rust or corrode, leading to the structural weakness which caused our spray paint can to explode. I hope you're all checking what's under your sinks!

We can't dispose of our hazardous materials until the weekend, which is a drag. Every time I open the cabinet and smell that paint smell, I have a moment of panic. Last night a dish made a noise as it settled in the sink, and we freaked out. The pilot light on the oven is still off, and we're a little scared to turn it back on.

After the insurance adjuster comes today, we can start cleaning. We hope to get a professional service to clean, especially the worst black sooty areas, because those folks know how to get rid of smoke smell. My cookbooks (100+) are all covered with soot and fire retardant. Yuck.

Our cats handled the whole thing so well, we're quite shocked. They were real troupers and were not traumatized at all!

What's interesting is that, while I'm looking for good links on fire safety, none of the major sites say anything about stuff under the sink. Everything I'm finding about fire safety in the kitchen is about cooking fires.

Anyway, here are two:

U.S. Fire Administration


Here's a good checklist that does include some information about keeping flammable items outdoors and away from heat sources.

Tomorrow I'll get back to some public speaking stuff. For now, it's all about cleaning, burn treatment, and on top of that, getting ready for a TV appearance tonight!

Second update

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4 comments. Please add yours! :

Unknown said...

Does all this now mean that you prefer all your readers to begin referring to you as "Hot Stuff"?

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Yes, please.

Matthew Cornell said...

Ow! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, Matt!

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