June 12, 2008

It's not about you

Andrew Zhan sent me this video the other day, and I loved it. It's got a profound message. It's not geared to speakers, but the message is applicable: It's not about you.

There are times when audience members don't seem to be engaging with you. Sometimes they seem indifferent, and sometimes they seem downright hostile.

If it's a large percentage of the audience, you might be doing something to encourage their behavior. But in general, when it's a few people, it's not about you. Don't take it personally. We all have our issues, our distractions, our preoccupations.

If you can meet the audience where they are, and understand their possible barriers to hearing and retaining what you have to say, you will connect with them on a deeper level, and your message has a much better chance of getting through.

Watch the video and think about how you can apply this message to your speaking -- if not your life.

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2 comments. Please add yours! :

Anonymous said...

Where can I get a pair of those glasses? :)

Truth is, we all that kind of vision -- we have simply forgotten how to use it.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Great glasses, I know. Almost too painful to know what everyone is going through. I think it's enough to know that everyone is going through *something* or is distracted by *something*.

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