June 22, 2008

One more fire update -- with photos!

How about another update?

It's been two weeks since the fire. My burns have healed up nicely and are mostly ugly and itchy. Bub has not been so lucky. Some of his were not healing at all and have only just started to get with the program.

First of all, they didn't "declare" themselves for a few days, so it wasn't clear right away that he had a lot of second degree burns. And then his skin just refused to heal. I don't want to go into details about what the therapists had to do to make his skin start repairing itself. It's been pretty brutal.

It's been frustrating and he's still in a lot of pain, and he has to spend every day wrapped in bandages with his right leg elevated. But they have started to see improvement, and his treatment is now every other day or every two days instead of every day, which is nice. His left leg came out of bandages late last week.

Our big cabinet is still black and sooty inside, and no I haven't started cleaning the books yet. When we know for sure when the cleaning crew is coming, I will be motivated to get that stuff out of there.

The good news is that the cleaning/painting crew should be coming soon. They've got some cool system for getting the smoke smell out of the house and for cleaning and painting the damaged areas so it's like new. We were due for a paint job in the kitchen, having lived here for 16 years.

I took all the toxic and flammable items to the hazardous waste drop-off site last weekend. It's a relief to have all that stuff gone; I actually got a little choked up as I drove away from the site. We've already replaced our fire extinguisher, although we should really have two.

I've been hearing from a lot of people who didn't have fire extinguishers before and had a lot of rusty flammable cans in their kitchens, who are making the same changes we are. I'm glad to hear that they are taking action so this bizarre thing doesn't happen to them!

Our friends are so awesome, and even though we really didn't need anything, people have generously offered us food, places to stay, help with cleaning, and laundry facilities.

I had mentioned to one friend in an e-mail that one of the sadder things we had to throw away the night of the fire was a beautiful pile of apricots and nectarines we had just bought at the farmers market that morning. When I saw her a week later, she arrived with a lovely gift bag full of fruit! That's one of the sweetest things anyone has done for us.

Now for the pictures!
To spare the delicate sensibilities of some of my readers, I've put up a page where you can see Bub's gory burns. Cuz I know some of you want to see them, you dirty rascals. These are from last week. Enjoy. . . or not!

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3 comments. Please add yours! :

Greg said...

OUCH! Damn...

But at least you're both on the mend. And again, at least you (and the kitties) are safe, mostly hale, and still have the house (somewhat stinky though it might be).

And yep, the day of your post, I went to Lowes. We now have 4 extinguishes around the house (in easy to access, don't have to run through any flames to get them, locations ;)

Take care,

Erinness said...

Wow, hope he is feeling no pain soon Lisa! I'm so glad you are both okay. Your post has motivated me to clean out all the rusty paint cans in our garage this weekend. Can't be a good match for 95 degree heat.

I read your blog from time to time and enjoy the speaking anecdotes and keeping up with you. FL is good, expecting baby dixon #2 in about five weeks and then we are DONE. :) Hope the rest of your summer is fire free, with the exception of some good ole bbq.


Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, kids!

And hello there, Erinness! Long time no see! Glad to hear you're cleaning out all the bad stuff. I'm going to be so militant from now on. . .

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