June 4, 2008

Stories and analogies

One reason Dr. Tea's presentation was effective at the World Tea Expo was his use of statistics, stories, analogies and examples.

He started out by telling us that Americans drink "115,000 cups of coffee every 15 seconds of every minute of every day."

He gave examples of how coffee addiction is like cigarette addiction.

He equated the "intoxicating smell of coffee" with the sirens' song. (I have to agree with that one. . .)

He told his own story of being addicted to coffee.

And he had several "catch phrases" to make his points. "There's no money in good health," was used to illustrate his point about the lack of attention to tea as a health panacea in scientific research. He would come back to it occasionally to remind us of this point.

Another was, "You look younger with every sip," in describing the hydrating effects of tea vs. the dehydrating effects of coffee.

Overall, it was a colorful and engaging presentation: statistics and data balanced by stories, analogies and examples to bring life to the numbers and charts.

(If you're wondering why coffee dehydrates and tea hydrates, yet they both have caffeine, it has to do with the L-theanine in tea, beta brain waves, alpha brain waves and stuff. Here's one article that talks about it.)

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