June 2, 2008

Tea made me a very sexy man. . .

Over the past weekend we attended the World Tea Expo (see posts here and here from last year when I was a speaker there). So much better in Vegas than Hotlanta. Thank you.

This time I was merely a participant, scoping out products and attending educational seminars as the "vice president" of my husband's company which is in the process of opening a tea shop.

There was the usual mix of engaging speakers, dreary speakers, and horrible PowerPoint.

I'm going to post more in the next few days about the Expo, but for now, I wanted to share a fun story from one of the seminars.

"Dr. Tea," aka Mark Ukra, the passionate and slightly eccentric owner of the Tea Garden and Herbal Emporium in Los Angeles, gave an inspiring talk on "converting the coffee culture" on Friday.

He shared his story of being addicted to coffee for many years, drinking up to 15 cups a day. He said that, when he switched from coffee to tea, women started complimenting him on his skin. Then, his relationships with women started to improve.

"You know what else happened after I changed? I became a very sexy man."

The audience burst into laughter.

He went on, "If you're jacked up on caffeine, you can't listen." He said that drinking tea instead of coffee made him more mellow, better able to listen to the women he was dating. Suddenly, women started pursuing him, instead of the other way around.

He finished this segment of the talk with this suggestion: "Any single guys in the room? Pick up some tea, baby."

Great use of subtle humor in this presentation. More on Dr. Tea and other speakers later. . .

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