July 4, 2008


Thank you all for bearing with me over the past month since the fire. We've been off our routine, to say the least, and we are now in the home stretch.

We've been staying at our neighbor's studio, so that the cleanup and painting crew could come in, clean the kitchen, "thermo-gen" the house, and paint. We packed everything out of our sooty kitchen. We brought a day's worth of supplies, packed up the cats and a litter box, and moved in while she went on vacation.

The power went out for several hours the first night, due to a big forest fire nearby, and not having access to our own house for 24 hours, we had to dig for candles and flashlights, and try to make do. No Internet access -- the horror!

The next morning we discovered that the painter had gone to the wrong job a couple of hours away, and would not be available until today.

We decided to stay another night, so as not to disrupt the cats by taking them home and then bringing them back over when the painting started. The power went out again last night, but because we were able to get into our house, we at least had decent flashlights and lots of candles.

Today the painter is working, and tonight we'll be back in our house. Don't know how long it will take to unpack the kitchen (who knew we had so much junk?), but at least things will start getting back to normal.

The last of hubby's bandages came off on Monday, and he's feeling much better, although he has been ordered to keep his legs out of the sun for a YEAR. For a guy who grew up surfing SoCal waves, not wearing shorts for a year is a pretty major sacrifice.

I'm happy to have my life back, and thank you for your patience while dealing with the upheaval.

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Matthew Cornell said...

Really happy you're back in, and that your hubby's on the mend. He has an opportunity here to drive summer fashion - Italian leg warmers?

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, Matt. I'll run that by him!

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