August 27, 2008

How often do you read Speak Schmeak?

According to my pal Matt Cornell, "There is no reason to blog more than once per week." He goes on to say, "...given these days of information overload there is no thinking that's so important that I should see it daily."

While I'm extremely hurt that Matt doesn't find my content important enough to read every day (which means he won't read this blog post for a while -- muahahahahaha!), I'm also curious to know how often you read this blog. Please take the poll at the top and let me know how often you read, and also let me know in the comments if you end up skipping posts because you can't keep up. (Horrors!)

I'm a little driven in my writing, and I could probably back off a little. In fact, I might get more writing done on my book if I backed off the blog... But I also take pride in my six-day-a-week posts. Like I'm some sort of endurance athlete (which could never happen in real life, but can happen here on Blogger).

Let me know what you think!

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9 comments. Please add yours! :

Anonymous said...

I get impatient on that seventh day when you DON'T post!

I think what makes such regular posting work is that you keep it concise - like a good resentation, in fact!

Unknown said...

I subscribe via Google Reader. So, I check my subsciptions about twice a day, and I only visit the actual site when I want to leave a comment.

I prefer to read daily chunks as opposed to a long weekly post. However there are exceptions - sometimes the content calls for a more in depth post that might take a week to prepare and make it worth while. Thanks for the great content so far.

Overflow Blogger said...

I like the amount and quality of the content you post. I will check in a few times a week, but I don't tend to skip posts - at least not your posts.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, guys. I really appreciate your comments.

Keep 'em coming -- this is very helpful for me to make sure I'm meeting the needs of my fabulous readers!

Greg said...

Throughout the day (or as they appear in reader)...

Weekly... LOL. If I read my feeds weekly I'd have 25K of unread posts to catchup on (and would have missed some cool stuff).

But then again, I'm a feed freak, so don't really count... ;)

Matthew Cornell said...

Lisa - your hurt pains me! Here's my response, with the important part repeated below.

Bottom line: Keep on writing!


...So as usual there's probably no one rule that doesn't depend on context. Maybe I'm just not the "read frequently, read small" type. As always, I look forward to your thoughts.

Finally, let me state clearly that Lisa's writing is clear, concise, and valuable. For a topic as important as public speaking, she's a terrific resource. Not to mention conscientious as heck.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with everyone else. I subscribe to the RSS feed, and so while I generally read your posts about once a week, when I do I look forward to sitting down to a week's worth of well written, short-but-concise public speaking advice. Thanks again for the great blog!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I read all your posts but not necessarily on the day you write them.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thank you all for your feedback. I'm learning a lot!

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