August 11, 2008

A look at some top women speakers

Here's a post I enjoyed on Eric Feng's blog, about women speakers. Eric points out that, like in other professions, the majority of top professional speakers are male.

" could also be because there are still less women than men in top positions of power or leadership, although the gap is closing."

He selects three top women speakers to analyze: Hillary Clinton, Helen Fisher and Patricia Fripp.

Each of these women has a different style and is effective as a speaker for different reasons. But what they all have in common is their confidence, their ability to stick to the message, and their use of humor and stories to emotionally involve the audience.

Visit Eric's blog to view the videos and read his analysis. FYI: the Fripp video is not coming through; here is the proper link on YouTube.

I love this quote by Raquel Welch, used by Patricia Fripp: "Style is being yourself, but on purpose."

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