August 19, 2008

You can go back to school, too!

If you have school-age kids, you are already doing the back-to-school scramble. You're prowling the aisles of office supply stores, signing up for after-school sports and wondering how little Max could have grown two inches since the last time he wore those pants. You're planning new morning routines, scheduling caregivers, and making sure all the summer reading projects are complete (summer homework -- what a bummer!).

If you don't have kids, you probably miss the mad fall rush to get everything in place for the start of school. I'm having a blast checking out all the cool tools at Staples this week, and I so wish I had a locker so I could buy magnetic wallpaper.

The good news is that you can go "back to school," too! Are you looking to advance your career or grow your business? Fall is a great time to get a fresh start.

Might I suggest improving your public speaking?

You can dip your toe in the water with some light reading or an e-book. You can float in the shallow end with a self-directed e-course. Or you can take the plunge with personal public speaking coaching.

Whatever tools you decide to use, keep in mind that you won't improve without practice. Find ways to speak at work, at church, in meetings, at Toastmasters, or at your networking group.

Keep this in mind: the best way to improve is to get real world experience. So get out of your comfort zone from time to time and you'll actively grow as a speaker.

Build confidence, promote your business, be recognized as an expert, make progress at work. Public speaking can do all of that and more for you.

Now toss me my backpack. I need to go buy some gel pens.

Are you an entrepreneur or professional who's looking for better results from your speaking? Are you hoping to build credibility and visibility for your business or cause? Tired of just "getting by" and ready to deliver truly engaging and powerful presentations? Click here to learn about 1:1 coaching with me!

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