October 1, 2008

Who deserves your best?

I have a problem. I save things for "special occasions" that never happen. My favorite perfume? Don't want to waste it. Favorite sweater or shoes? Too "nice" for every day.

I have jewelry I don't wear, wine I don't drink, dresses I'm afraid to ruin.

I asked myself this question yesterday: What am I waiting for? When will the occasion arise that "deserves" my good stuff?

I might ask you the same question.

Are you doing the bare minimum when you give your presentations, just to get by?

Do you wing it on a regular basis, thinking your audience won't notice?

Do you convince yourself that you don't need to put a lot of preparation or practice into your talk, because it's "just coworkers" or "just my church?"

You owe your best efforts no matter who the audience is. Otherwise, why are you bothering to speak at all? Your audience won't respond to or remember your message, they won't do what you're asking, and they might even feel like their time was wasted.

Stop saving your best for an audience that will never appear. Give your best every time you speak, to every audience.

Yesterday, I put on that perfume. And felt fabulous.

Who are you saving your best for?

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Cheryl Pickett said...

Just so you don't feel too lonely, I do the same thing with saving stuff!

My other habit is not wanting to use something up, to try to stretch its use as long as possible. Sounds good in theory except things do expire, become unusable or outdated. Time to start enjoying more for me too I think.

I'm just getting started on my biz and speaking, so I haven't fallen into the trap you address yet. Good to keep in mind though because I can see it would be easy.

Thanks for the tip and thanks for sharing.

Cheryl Pickett
Publishing Answers.com

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks for your comment, Cheryl. One bad habit you can avoid when you start getting more into speaking!

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