December 24, 2008

Even the pros get nervous

In an interview on Conan O'Brien, where Chris Farley had entered the studio in the character of Matt Foley, the "motivational speaker" from Saturday Night Live, here's the conversation after Farley's performance (starts at 5:40, if you're watching, but don't miss the Matt Foley bit first!).

Conan: "The falling down helps, right? Always gets a laugh."

Chris: "Yeah, it breaks the ice a little bit."

Conan: "You're a very physical performer. Nothing goes with you. Is that right?"

Chris: "I like to be manhandled. No... Yeah, I do. It's like a first hit in football. It takes the butterflies away. 'Cause I was backstage like, going, 'Oh God -- they're gonna know I'm dumb!' So I just fall down, try to do something physical."

It's always surprising to realize that even veteran performers get nervous. Even performers who love working a crowd and who love the spotlight still have their anxieties.

Check out this interview with Chris Farley on Jay Leno. He had been on SNL for four seasons, and this was his first television interview. Nervous? You betcha!

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