December 9, 2008

Identify this concept and win my e-book!

Here's the partial transcript of a conversation I had the other day on Twitter with fellow speaker Chris Elliott. Chris is being a good sport allowing me to post our conversation here. Make sure to visit his blog and add him to your Twitter tweeps.

Be the first person to tell me in the comments which concept this conversation represents from the book "Made to Stick," and I'll send you a free copy of my e-book "101 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking." Hint: I've written about it before.

Me: "What's all this 'cloud' business? Someone please explain."

Chris: "The cloud is the idea that all your data can be stored in the cloud to be accessed by applications on multiple devices."

Me: "But what is the cloud?"

Chris: "The cloud is that it is not a discrete environment for data/applications. see wikipedia entry :"

Me: "Thanks for the wikipedia entry. The more you tell me, the more confused I get."

Chris: "Twitter is an example - data stored on a server but accessible by a large variety of applications."

Chris: "One way to think about it: your data is all on the web and you can access it from a whole bunch of different devices."

My final response might give it away, so that's all you get.

What are your thoughts? Examples? Do you do this?
(I'm out of the office all day today, so I won't be able to get back to you till tomorrow if there's a winner.)

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7 comments. Please add yours! :

TJ said...

Chris suffers from the "Curse of Knowledge". He should provide a more concrete description.

I've been in his shoes many times and I can only hope I am better prepared these days.

Unknown said...

A long shot for the win......

Maybe the conversation represents "Emotions"...I think frustration qualifies as an emotion. Maybe "Simplicity" Lisa came to the realization that the "Cloud" has made her life more simple????

...Oh, well, it was worth a shot! :)

Anonymous said...

9:37am and TJ is right on the ball. Dang! I had the answer. But then again, how often do we have the answer, have the opportunity, and just fail to act quick enough? That is my reminder lesson of the day.

Thanks Lisa!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thank you for playing! And TJ was the first to mention what I was looking for -- the "curse of knowledge."

How many of us do this every day, not just in presentations, but in one-on-one communications? When we forget that not everyone knows what we know and we forget how to explain it in beginner-level terms?

Would love to hear more examples in the comments!

TJ, I'm going to need an e-mail address to send you your e-book.

TJ said...

Thanks Lisa - I look forward to reading your e-book.

Keep up the great writing on your blog - I very much enjoy reading it.


Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, TJ. Will send that out to you later today!

CRRE said...

I'm temporarily hobbled in my blogging, bu I posted my methodology to my personal playspace for you:

I'm confronted with this ALL THE TIME and had to develop a method of my own because, at the time it first started, there wasn't a single book or speaker addressing this.

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