December 13, 2008

No opportunity is too small

Any chance you have to give a presentation is a chance to improve your skills, confidence and effectiveness.

Thursday at my networking group meeting, Ellen shared more about her business in her 30-second introduction than many people do in a 30-minute presentation.

Her introduction (what we call a "commercial" in the group) used analogies to touch on three aspects of her business that she called "health insurance" (the products improve your health) "environmental insurance" (the products are good for the environment) and "financial insurance" (the products will save you money).

In 30 seconds, she gave us three benefits (not features) of her products in a clever, creative and memorable way.

Ellen has a soft voice and is not one of the most assertive speakers in the room. When she finished her introduction, the group spontaneously burst out with "Nice!" and "Great job, Ellen!" She really caught our attention by trying something different, being well-prepared, and not taking her 30-second commercial for granted.

Whether you're introducing yourself at a meeting or facilitating a day-long workshop, make it matter. No opportunity is too small or too minor to challenge yourself to improve.

What's the shortest presentation you've given?

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2 comments. Please add yours! :

Dr. Wright said...

I have given a 15 second presentation that got me another chance to speak!

Dr. Letitia Wright
The Wright Place TV Show

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Perfect example!

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