February 4, 2008

Everyone's an original

I came across an ad for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts yesterday showing a picture of a man enjoying himself on a dusky street in Québec. The text reads:

"plays in a jazz quartet"

"collects vintage running shoes"

"likes to pretend he understands French when staying at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac"

It reminded me of a guy my husband told me about recently, a friend of a friend who photographs everything he eats.

The guy isn't a photographer, or a chef, or a blogger, or in the food industry at all.

He just likes to photograph his food.

If you met this guy on the street, you could never imagine in a million years that this is his hobby. I found him ten times more interesting after hearing this story than before hearing the story.

What's my point?

I hear people saying all the time, as an excuse not to step out of their shell and try public speaking, "I'm not unique. . . I'm not interesting. . . I've got nothing to say."

That's SO not true.

Everyone has something special and unique to share. Each of us has a unique combination of interests, hobbies, fantasies and dreams that makes us different from the next person.

I'm not saying that you're necessarily going to share all of those things in a presentation. But you are unique. You are special. You are an individual. And you've got plenty to say!

Here's some of what makes me who I am: I'm obsessed with food. I love bright colors. I refuse to leave the house without earrings. I'm a crazy cat person. I make funny faces and voices. I collect honey. My all-time favorite band is "They Might Be Giants." I can always tell what time it is without a clock.

Your turn, and don't be shy: what makes you unique?

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