February 12, 2009

How Public Speaking Makes You Richer, Thinner, and Better in Bed!

I have issues.

When I read subject lines or sales pages that include phrases like "Earn 7 Figures in 7 Days" or "Instant Payday" or "$20 Million a Month" or "Explode Your Profits," I get riled up.

I get especially riled up when I read about public speaking courses, books, techniques and "proven systems" that promise to make you a highly paid speaker even if you have no experience and no topic to speak on. What?

Yes, I'm going to come out and say it: It bothers me that marketers prey on people's insecurities and desire for instant success and fool them into thinking they can make a million dollars or become a sought-after speaker with no effort, no skill, and no risk (quoting Seth Godin).

People can be gullible and people can be desperate. That's what the marketer is hoping for.

So is it actually possible to become rich, skinny and great in the sack through public speaking? Let's break it down.

When you build your skills as a speaker by practicing and gaining real-world experience, you also build your confidence. A confident, self-assured speaker might be respected and admired as an authority or expert, making you sought after in several ways.

Building your speaking skills can bring more respect from colleagues and supervisors. You might find yourself taking on more responsibilities and becoming the boss' "go-to" guy or gal when you exhibit the confidence and authority that comes with improving your skills as a speaker. Can this lead to career advancement and greater income? Sure -- why not?

When you have confidence, you also become more attractive to potential romantic partners. Unfortunately, becoming better in bed isn't about you. It's about your partner, learning about and becoming sensitive to her or him as a person with specific wants and needs. Oh wait -- that's also a skill you develop as a speaker: learning about the audience and serving their needs before your own. Hmmm. We might have something here.

I can't say that increased confidence and self-esteem from public speaking will make you thinner, because a person who feels confident and likes her or himself is less likely to be obsessed with body image and weight. However, keeping up your stamina for speaking engagements is easier when you're fit, so whether you're thin or not so thin, it's a good idea to exercise and increase your energy level so you can handle all the speaking gigs that will come your way as you build your success.


Becoming successful at public speaking is not easy. It takes practice, it takes hard work, and it takes commitment to excellence. If you're willing to do the work, though, and learn everything you can about being your best, you will become a better speaker. And who knows? Maybe money, romance and a hot bod will follow.

But if not, I hope you still find satisfaction and enjoyment in connecting with and engaging an audience, providing valuable, relevant and useful content, and inspiring people to take action in whatever topic you choose. Public speaking is fun, it's an awesome way to express yourself creatively, and your passion and enthusiasm can't help but rub off on your audience. Go for it!

For more thoughts on this topic, read:

"How Public Speaking Makes You Richer, Thinner and Better in Bed!" by Laura Bergells, Olivia Mitchell, Michael Cortes and Jeff Bailey.

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3 comments. Please add yours! :

Unknown said...

Great post, Lisa.

I'm encouraged that people are talking about bombast and benefits-driven copy more.

Shedding light on propaganda techniques can possibly lessen their negative impact on society. Hopefully, we're on our way to thoughtful conversations.

Thanks for getting this conversation going!

Rich Hopkins said...

Better in bed? Let's just say it never hurts to show your spouse what the public thinks of you. Getting a standing ovation after you speak can be quite the aphrodisiac!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Never thought of it that way, Rich! Then again, I hate for my husband to watch me present. Way too self-conscious. :-)

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