May 29, 2009

Nearly perfect

I enjoyed this post by Laurie Foley on "Tasting the Nearly Perfect Sauce," as it reminds me of a lot of our expectations for ourselves as speakers. We must be perfect, we must not make a mistake, we must not let the audience see any flaws, or we will fail.

Here's an excerpt from Laurie's post:

"And suddenly the conversation is much more sparkly. We’re all laughing. Even though there's Jack Daniels in the sauce, there's not enough to really explain the laughing. We're all dipping into Mr. B's sauce, making sounds of gustatory delight, and admiring how he calls it "nearly perfect." Because it is. We're talking about what the nearly perfect amount of sauce to use is and what the nearly perfect ingredient must be. Our family dinner becomes nearly perfect."

Read this post about how the "nearly perfect sauce" changed attitudes in an instant. Think about how, instead of stressing out about being "perfect" (and anyway, there's no such thing), you might start seeing how "nearly perfect" you are!

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