May 22, 2009

Slides are not handouts

I have to share this blog post by Laura Bergells at Maniactive because, while I've said something similar so many times, I could never say it as well as she does!

Your PowerPoint is not your presentation. No matter how many times we reiterate this, there's always someone who wants a copy or a conference who requires it as a handout. Here's an excerpt from Laura's article on her perspective:

"Seriously. Be a polite audience member. Never, ever ask a presenter for his or her presentation. (Not unless the presenter offers it to the audience as a download or CD or print out first. I sometimes do this after a 6 month run.)

If you like my presentation, I'm flattered. Really.

But my PowerPoint slides are usually props for my speech.

Would you go up to a juggler and ask, 'Neat act! May I have your balls?'"

Read the whole post here.

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2 comments. Please add yours! :

Anonymous said...

Asking for slides is standard in some industries. In high tech, presentations that have value are commonly posted so the audience can go over them again at leisure.

In these cases, though, the presenter is usually selling a product, not the presentation.

So don't be offended if someone asks for your slides, it just means they liked your presentation - and you certainly don't have to provide them.

But remember, your PowerPoint is not your presentation - and your slides can serve as an ongoing reminder of your services.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks for sharing, A!

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