August 11, 2009

Cliff Atkinson on getting your book published

Cliff Atkinson, author of "Beyond Bullet Points," (my favorite book on using slides/PowerPoint) facilitates a discussion at PresentationCampLA on traditional nonfiction publishing, based on his experience and with some good additional comments by other participants. There is another session going on next door, so there is some background noise.

Cliff Atkinson on getting published from Lisa Braithwaite on Vimeo.

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2 comments. Please add yours! :

Unknown said...


You are SO good looking!

(to quote Seinfeld!)

I love the part of your story when a client calls you and says,

"Our branding agency created these awful PowerPoint templates. Can you help us?"

What you know that many don't: the "brand experience" is not the perfectly placed logo in the lower right corner of the screen.

Your brand is what people say it is! No one talks positively about logo placement. However: they WILL discuss the storytelling, passion, and eloquence of the presenter!


Lisa Braithwaite said...

Great comment, Laura. And Cliff's a looker, isn't he? ;-)

Now convincing a company that they DON'T need those logos can be a challenge, but I've done it!

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