September 11, 2009

Are you on fire?

At yesterday's referrals group meeting, everyone was on fire! Introductions were funny and clever, 10-minutes speeches were entertaining, and everyone seemed to have extra energy and enthusiasm.

The 30-second commercials were especially entertaining. Here are some examples.

Melanie Tunnell, a seamstress (after briefly describing her business): "I sew. What can I say?" I think this got the biggest laugh of the day.

Sheri Mize, an interior designer: "I merge couples, I separate couples..."

Calla Gold, a jeweler: "I'll check your prongs..."

Teri Breier, a copywriter: "Call a higher power; call the writing goddess!"

Stephanie Burris, an optometrist, playing off both Calla's theatricality and Teri's "goddess" theme, gave an outlandish and colorful commercial, calling herself the "eye goddess," and waving her arms in a dramatic fashion modeled after Calla.

Ellen Lilley, a Shaklee representative (cleaning products, vitamins, etc.): "We need this kind of excitement every don't get the flu!"

Our speakers were also creative. Nicole Clancy, a personal trainer, created a game show-type poster with the top ten excuses people give for not exercising. We attacked the excuses one by one, offering solutions for each, until there were no excuses left. Fun and effective learning!

Valerie Burns, an image consultant, handed out a quiz for each of us to assess our own effectiveness and comfort level with our professional appearance and relationship with our closets. It was a great way to get us thinking about where we could improve (cleaning out the closet more frequently, making sure we're not hanging onto clothes we never wear or that don't fit, for example), without judgment or putting individuals on the spot.

Connie Brown, a Send Out Cards consultant, had realized that there was no Internet access in the meeting room, so her future daughter-in-law Kimberly, a videographer, created a mock web tutorial in PowerPoint. The tutorial showed how easy it is to send a card when you don't have to shop for a card, find a stamp, and stand in line at the post office. It was a convincing presentation.

The people in this group are not professional speakers, but because they are open to constant improvement and willing to keep trying something new in describing how they help their clients, their presentations and introductions never get stale. Month after month, they find new ways to get their message across to a group who already knows what they do.

How do you keep your flame from sputtering out?

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Lori Leyden & Connie Brown said...


Thanks for the very kind comments about our meeting yesterday. I agree, that the energy was really fun and makes me want to share everyone's business with as many people as possible.

I also love your web site and will be following your blog.


Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, Connie! What a fun meeting!

Anonymous said...

Great little blog post Lisa! It was a fun meeting! I think all our introductions are better because you're in the group.
:) Kalia

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, Kalia! You're sweet. :-)

Teri Breier said...

Hi Lisa,

Calla sent me a heads-up about your blog and now I am a subscriber! Great coverage of our meeting last week...I too was very impressed with the group's spotlight presentations and commercials. Seems like we were all more relaxed and comfortable by the end of the meeting and thus, more willing to be playful during the 2nd round of commercials. From personal experience, I am sure this enhanced both our creativity and delivery.

Keep up the great job on your blog! :)

~ Teri, the Writing Goddess

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