September 2, 2009

Remote control cars and memorable presentations

If you want your presentation to be informative and fun and memorable, take a lesson from the hosts of Top Gear.

It's a show about cars. And in the course of each show, various cars are driven, raced, analyzed, discussed and thoroughly examined.

However, the way the information is delivered is what makes it memorable. In every episode, the hosts find a way to show the cars' performance and features while also making a game out of driving the car.

Here are just a few examples of what they've done:

Raced full-size cars using remote controls

Raced three cars as far as they would go on one tank of gas

Raced a car to the top of a mountain against a rock climber climbing the cliff face

Raced a car to the airport against a boat and a bike

And one of my favorites: Placed one car on top of the other, with the steering wheel in one car and the brakes/accelerator in the other. Two drivers had to become one to race the car.

Sure, it's all silliness. But it gets your attention. It's entertaining. And you also learn a lot about the cars.

From driving the car around a race track to jumping it over a trailer, Top Gear takes a show about cars and makes it unusual, unpredictable and endlessly fascinating! Can your audiences say the same about your presentations?

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2 comments. Please add yours! :

Susan Winlaw said...

You hit the nail on the head Lisa - that IS the best car show I have ever seen and it is all presentation and that every present Brit-Wit. They push the envelope the way we don't do in North America.

As Tsifit says, it's all show business. So your presentation had better be engaging.

I set up a fake car and involve one of the audience members to be my bratty kid in the back seat to prove my points. I'm getting pretty good reviews, so I believe it is working.


Lisa Braithwaite said...

I love the idea having your audience members play your bratty kids. They must love it! Way to go!

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