September 23, 2009

A suspenseful moment...

Want to get your audience's attention? Engage them with a story!

That's what the Ad Council is doing right now in a television and radio campaign to promote lifelong literacy, sponsored by the Library of Congress.

Listen to this radio spot they're running:

From the Ad Council site:

"This campaign was created with the Library of Congress in an effort to inspire young readers to become lifelong learners. The objective is to inspire fun and promote literacy in all types of learning. From books to magazines to comics and all other forms, reading really gives kids the opportunity to explore their imaginations.

The PSAs invite kids to 'Explore New Worlds. Read.' Viewers are also encouraged to visit, and explore the Library of Congress site including The Storybook Adventure activity created for this campaign."

The PSA uses a dramatic reading of a suspenseful moment in the book... to learn more, you must go get the book and read it!

This is a great tool to use in a presentation as well. Start your presentation with an exciting story to pique the audience's curiosity and interest ... and make sure to tell them how the story ends before you're done!

Check out more of the Ad Council literacy PSAs here.

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