October 14, 2009

Another giveaway! There's an Adult in My Soup!

One of my favorite blogs to read has been the Escape Adulthood blog by Kim and Jason Kotecki.

Even though it -- technically -- has nothing to do with public speaking, I have always found it relevant to what a lot of people go through in avoiding public speaking. The fear of looking foolish, the fear of trying new things, the fear of standing out: all symptoms of "adultitis," a term coined by Kim and Jason to explain a condition "marked by chronic dullness, mild depression, moderate to extremely high stress levels, a general fear of change, and, in some extreme cases, the inability to smile."

Here are some posts where I've referenced their concepts:

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The secret to productivity ... and public speaking?

Who cares if you mess up?

ANYWAY, they've got a new book out, called "There's an Adult in My Soup," a compilation of essays and blog posts -- "recipes for cooking up the life of your dreams." And I'm going to give one away (signed!) to celebrate my third anniversary of blogging, and also because I think everyone needs less adultitis in their lives.

Some of my favorite essays:

"Busy: The New Four-Letter Word," is about how adults tend to compete over who's busiest. The problem is, nobody wins in this competition. It's all lose-lose.

Kim officially makes the word "busy" a bad word. As she says, "The funny thing is that everyone has the same amount of time, so if you are 'busy' it's your own fault. The flaw is in you."

"FTERA. Do You Have It?" Failure To Enjoy Recent Accomplishments is a new malady discovered by Jason's father where we do not take time "to delight in the little things and maintain perspective." (See my blog Yay Life! for more on enjoying the little things.)

FTERA is about always wanting or needing the next thing to come along. We can't be content to be satisfied with what's already accomplished; we have to constantly be grasping for the next event/activity/project.

"Stress Begets Stress" Kim says, "I happened upon an article talking about the trend of commuters leaving earlier and earlier, while also leaving work later in the day to avoid traffic, only to find themselves pulling twelve- to thirteen-hour days. Adultitis, much?"

"The lesson here is simple. YOU are in charge of your life. If it's a stressed-out mess, it's time to stop blaming your circumstances and start moving towards change."

"Silly Ideas" How many of you have a "silly" idea that you're afraid to pursue because you're worried about how others will think of you? I thought so. A lot. Kim and Jason encourage "dreaming big and following through on 'silly' ideas."

This book focuses on all of my favorite ideas: taking charge of your life, making your own choices, facing the naysayers, embracing who you are and what you want out of life, and letting your childlike curious and fun-seeking self out of the closet.

If you don't win it in my giveaway, I highly encourage you to buy it. And even if you don't buy it, please take a look at Escape Adulthood. I promise it will inspire you and brighten your day. And who doesn't need some of that?

Tell me in the comments how you fight adultitis in your life! I will draw a random name from the commenters on Monday, October 19. What better day to fight adultitis, adults' most hated day of the week?

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8 comments. Please add yours! :

David Resseguie said...

I have a slight advantage fighting adultitis because I have a 20 month old (and another on the way). Yes, I do the "Hot Dog Dance" every morning with Madi at the end of Micky Mouse Clubhouse. ;)

I'm more and more convinced of the value of "play" in our professional lives as well to inspire creativity and innovation. I've thought of this recently reading books like A Whole New Mind and The Element: How finding your passion changes everything. (Both highly recommended!)

Beth Andrus said...

I readily try new things and I don't wait until it's perfect before moving ahead (as you well know). The less "new" something feels, the more chances I'll take, so I like to get the newness over with - even if it's slightly embarrassing.

Shermaine Davis said...

I love change and new things... The scarier the better! Whether it's moving across the country with a less than perfect car and enough money to last 2 weeks, or trying the newest roller coaster at Six Flags. I try not to allow myself to get bored. I read a lot of positive thinking books to keep me motivated.. Even take acting classes to help me "enjoy the moment". It's something you have to stay on top of, like good health... Because I've had Adultitis and I didn't like it.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Way to kick off the giveaway! Thanks for your comments. I hope you'll inspire some other readers to kick the adultitis out of their lives!

Michael Crosby said...


This is very good. I recently gave my 4th Toastmasters speech. I almost didn't give it because I thought I might be wasting the audiences time. But while speaking, I actually saw wonderment in a girl's face.

It'll probably be something I'll never forget. I actually moved someone by my words and pictures.

When I first started Toastmasters, I hated public speaking. When I spoke before, I would gaze at the audience, and if some wasn't looking at me, I just thought the worst.

For me to realize that my words can actually affect someone, is powerful. This was definitely a FTERA moment.

For me though, FTERA can last a long long time. It's why I don't need to be busy (as talked about in another post). I always carry my camera and phone, and just thinking about those two technologies, makes me realize how our lives are so different and wonderful.

Greg Friese said...

Like David I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old to keep me young.

As a paramedic and EMS educator I frequently find myself working with and teaching with other medics students that are 10-15 years younger than me. That keeps me feeling young.

I also like to use hip and trendy terms to make me feel young and also as self-depricating humor.

So TTYL I am out!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, guys! Keep 'em coming!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

And the winner is: David Resseguie! Thanks for playing, folks!

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